8.25" Popsicle -OG Skull War Paint

8.25" Popsicle -OG Skull War Paint

8.25” wide, 31.75” long, 6.75” nose, 6.625” tail, 14.25” wheelbase, no taper. Hand screen printed graphics. Painted tops and bottoms with a center dyed veneer. Medium/Heavy concave. 4 made.

All decks are hand glued, cold pressed, shaped, painted, screen-printed, glossed, and shrink wrapped one at a time by the Manak family in our backyard in San Jose, Ca. We only use the finest North American Hard Rock Maple. We add extra press time and cure times to make a higher quality, better performing deck. Hand-glued leads to a stiffer, longer-lasting board with everlasting pop. In most cases, our boards will last much longer than a factory-made deck. Low tech, no tech! 🤙

  • Orange top
    2 available 100%
  • Black top
    1 available 50%